Event – Changing life opportunities under illiberal rule: drivers of social structural change in Hungary

Tárki Social Research Institute organizes a two day workshop on “Changing life opportunities under illiberal rule: drivers of social structural change in Hungary” on 6-7 July, 2023 in Budapest. The workshop aims to contribute to a better understanding of how various instruments of social and family policies were used to build the socioeconomic basis of the illiberal regime on the one hand and of how the life opportunities of Hungarian citizens has been shaped by social developments and governmental policies since 2010 – allowing for longer, historic accounts in some cases. The event will be organized in two sessions.

Session 1 focuses on the role of social and family policy in Hungary, primarily by digging in the political economy of the present Hungarian regime. The presentations will focus on the motivations of the main actors, on the dynamics of the political demand and supply, as well as on the external and internal constraints that led to the illiberal turn. 

In Session 2 presentations focus on opportunities. Aspects of low social mobility and changes in life opportunities will be analysed with special attention paid to wealth transfers, the role of schooling and the role of marital sorting. 

Through the two sessions, a group of scholars of international renown from various disciplines (economics, sociology, political science) will discuss presentations on the above topics. The workshop schedule will allow participants to ask from the presenters or contribute to the debate with short comments. The working language of the event is English. The workshop venue is at Tárki premises, Budapest, Nádor utca 7.  

Participation is possible by invitation, it is free, but – due to the limited space in the room – registration is required.  Should you wish to participate, please fill in the registration form here