The Euroship Kick-Off Conference 

 27 – 28 February, 2020

Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

The first round of National Stakeholder Committees` meetings

between June & October, 2020

Norway, Italy, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Spain, UK

The second Euroship consortium meeting 

22 – 23 September, 2020

Digital conference

The European Stakeholder Committee meeting 

26 November, 2020


@leon_marga and Zyab Ibáñez, @UABBarcelona, argue: Covid-19 has brought to the surface the gap that exists between highly qualified employment easily adaptable to digital work and low qualified employment that cannot be converted into distance. More at

@lizgosme @COFACE_EU @grages_hamburg @unihh @social_platform @AGE_PlatformEU You are absolutely right. Hopefully we can do justice to that later in the project. Actually, we had some discussion of this issue in our kick- off conference. So, I have hope for EUROSHIP that we will manage to provide a more holistic perspective- eventually. Rune

How do reforms in long-term care for older people affect women’s unpaid care work? Our German team members have published a new article in Ageing & Society. Read more at our website

@grages_hamburg @unihh @social_platform @AGE_PlatformEU @COFACE_EU

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