Scientific Advisory Committee

Dominique Anxo 

Professor in Economics, Department of Economics and Statistics Linnæus University, Kalmar (SE)

He has broad expertise in labour market analysis and life course approaches at both the national and international level and have during the last decade actively participated in multidisciplinary European research projects. 

Bea Cantillon

Professor of Sociology, University of Antwerp (BE)

Expert on quantitative comparative research on social protection and poverty in Europe.

Mark Dawson

Professor of European Law and Governance, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin (DE).

Expert on the relationship between law and policymaking in the EU, in particular economic governance and human rights protection.

Guðný Björk Eydal

Professor at the Faculty of Social Work, University of Iceland (IS).

Research interests include the changing fatherhood and the role of social services in relation to crises and disasters.

Caroline de la Porte

Professor MSO, Department of International Economics, Government and Business, Copenhagen Business School (DK).

A leading scholar on EU governance and public policy with research on comparative welfare state reform, the Nordic welfare model, and the Europeanisation of welfare states.

Olli Kangas

Professor of Sociology, University of Turku (FI).

Expert on quantitative analyses on the changing design and impact of social security systems and is currently leading the evaluation of the Finnish experiment with basic income.

Chiara Saraceno

Professor emerita in Sociology, has had positions at the University of Turin (IT) and Wissenschaft Zentrum, Berlin (DE).

She has led major European projects on gender, care and intergenerational relations, patterns of family formation, welfare regimes, family policies, poverty and social assistance in Europe.

Maria Symeonaki

Associate Professor of Social Statistics, Department of Social Policy, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens (GR)

She is an expert on social statistics, labour market transitions and job insecurity among young adults in Europe.

Fiona Williams, OBE

Emeritus Professor of Social Policy, Univerisity of Leeds. Honorary Professor at the Social Policy Research Unit, University of New South Wales, Australia, and Research Affiliate at COMPAS (Centre on Migration, Policy and Society) at the University of Oxford.

A leading scholar on care, intersectionality, theorization of agency among welfare subjects. She has broad experience from project management, among others as the Director of the ESRC CAVA Research Group on Care, Values and the Future of Welfare at Leeds.