The seventh Consortium Meeting, Hamburg, 7-8 November 2022

The EUROSHIP project team met at again face-to-face at the premises of the University of Hamburg on 7-8 November 2022. The meeting was hosted by Professor Birgit Pfau-Effinger and post-doctoral researcher Christopher Grages.

The EUROSHIP project is currently in the process of preparing the publications based on the research results. Three edited volumes will be central: one synthesizing findings across the project as a whole and two more specialized volumes addressing the politics of minimum income and digitalization of welfare services and their consequences for gaps in social citizenship. All participants appreciated the fruitful discissions of the project`s preliminary interpretations and findings. The work package leaders will follow up with separate online meetings and communication with individual authors before our next joint meeting, the Budapest writing workshop in April 2023.

In November, many of the country teams will be implementing focus forums in cooperation with their national stakeholder committees. The focus forums will be instrumental for collecting feedback from the national stakeholder organizations on preliminary findings, forthcoming publications and policy briefs. The focus forums will address topics that are particularly important in light of ongoing national debates and the participating stakeholders’ interests.

The OsloMet also initiated a discussion around the format and the thematic focus of the final conference in 2023. The final conference will be an opportunity to share the project`s findings that are very timely in the context of context of the minimum income recommendation and the cost-of-living crisis in Europe and reach out to the decision-makers at the at the European and national levels. OsloMet and Social Platform will continue planning for the event that will take place in hybrid or fully digital format in June 2023, with Brussels as the main venue.

All participants enjoyed the lively and constructive discussions during the meeting.