Work Package 8

The aim of WP8 is to identify how the broader changes in the digitalisation of work and public services is affecting citizens’ opportunities and creating obstacles to them participating in the economy and exercising their social rights. This aim will be examined by four core objectives:

  1. Provide an improved understanding of the mechanisms behind the cross-national differences in how men and women with low education and income manage their work-family life conflicts given micro, meso and macro intervening factors. 
  2. Explore how individual citizens and households cope with and find effective ways of managing work/family balance risks in terms of the security/autonomy/ influence matrix
  3. Provide an improved understanding to what degree intersectionality (gender, education, employment, ethnicity, care obligations and needs, household composition) can explain differentiated access to work-life balance policies and exposure to precarious employment situations that might impede a satisfactory work-life balance.
  4. Provide new knowledge on how a capability approach may inform work-life balance policies
Prof Jacqueline O'Reilly

Work Package Leader