The EUROSHIP project will produce a range of different materials to disseminate research results to a wide audience. The EUROSHIP Working Paper Series will present the scientific output of the project. In the EUROSHIP Policy Briefs we summarise project results and offer specific policy recommendations for decision-makers and civil society at the European and national level.   

Working Papers

EUROSHIP Working Paper no. 1

State-of-the-art review of indicators and data on poverty and social exclusion

EUROSHIP Working Paper no. 2

Diversity and change in citizenship: mapping poverty in Europe

EUROSHIP Working Paper no. 3

 Social citizenship for young labour market entrants: Cross-country comparison of institutional settings 

EUROSHIP Working Paper no. 4

 The institutional logics of minimum income schemes in seven European countries

EUROSHIP Working Paper no. 5

Forstering work-life balance for precarious workers: culture and social protection systems in comparative perspective

EUROSHIP Working Paper no. 6

Long-term care regimes in Europe

Policy Briefs
EUROSHIP Policy Brief no. 1 Gaps in Social Citizenship in Europe: Why do they matter? [ENG]
EUROSHIP Policy Brief no. 1 Ulikheter i sosialt medborgerskap i Europa: Hvilke konsekvenser har det? [NOR]
Other publications