Welcome to the first edition of the EUROSHIP project’s bi-annual newsletter!

Welcome to our first newsletter!

‘EUROSHIP – Closing gaps in social citizenship. New tools to foster social resilience in Europe’ is a three-year project supported by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research programme. It is an international collaborative research project about ways to strengthen social citizenship in Europe, aiming to provide an original and gender-sensitive assessment of current gaps in social protection across Europe.

EUROSHIP focuses on the experiences of three specific vulnerable population groups: youth at risk of in-work poverty, prime age precarious workers with care obligations, and low-income people with disabilities, including the elderly with long-term care needs.

Naturally, the project will also take into account the new social and economic reality faced by people across the EU due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With people in vulnerable situations hardest hit by the crisis, the policy areas explored by the project are more vital than ever: minimum income, access to quality services amid digitalisation, and work-life balance to name just a few. Drawing on the expertise and research of the project partners and consortium members, over the next three years we will publish a series of papers with our findings and recommendations to the EU, national and local levels on how to create a social, inclusive and sustainable Europe that leaves no one behind.

In this first newsletter, you will find articles about the project and the areas covered by some of our partners, as well as information about past and future events. Are you not already subscribing to our newsletter? Please sign up for the EUROSHIP newsletters on our website. For more, please visit the project’s website and follow us on Twitter.

Should you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at euroship@oslomet.no .

Best wishes,

Rune Halvorsen (OsloMet) and Kélig Puyet (Social Platform)